Weekend Plans: Visit a Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, my boyfriend and I visited a pumpkin patch for the first time! Carving pumpkins has always been a favorite October tradition of mine, but I usually just buy our pumpkins from Trader Joe’s or Stop & Shop (anyone else?). This year, though, I thought it would be fun to pick our own pumpkins for carving. After some research, I found Clearview Farm, a farm in Sterling, MA that had its own pumpkin patch (in addition to apple-picking and a farm stand). I called to confirm the pumpkin patch was opened this year, and then our plans were set! Off to the pumpkin patch we would go!

I’m loving this rust corduroy button down from Urban Outfitters — so cozy!

The drive through Sterling was beautiful — the town is quaint, with winding roads and trees whose leaves have already started turning that classic burnt orange color. The old churches and houses with wraparound porches are so classically New England, they make me feel nostalgic for my childhood — a time before technology ruled our lives, before I was working 40 hrs/week, when I spent all my spare moments outside, playing until dark.

When we first pulled into the grassy parking lot, I saw a few families scattered about. For a Saturday at the start of October, the farm wasn’t too busy; there weren’t any long lines or massive crowds. We made our way over to the farm’s store, which was stocked with produce, jams, honey, flavored milk (chocolate, strawberry, coffee) from their cows, and an array of apple treats. We grabbed two apple cider donuts — I can’t resist a farm fresh cider donut — and a ‘hot apple dumpling’ with vanilla ice cream.

We enjoyed our impromptu apple treats at a picnic table near the children’s playground. The cider donuts were perfectly sugary, and, while the apple dumpling was too big to finish, we savored every bite we did take! My boyfriend gave the chocolate milk a big thumbs up, too.

Happy and full, we made our way to the pumpkin patch. As we approached, I could see pumpkins scattered in rows separated by tarp strips. It wasn’t exactly the lush landscape I had expected; a lot of the plants were dried up, as the pumpkins were already cut from the vines — but the pumpkins themselves were so cute, just sitting there and waiting to be picked!

Some of the pumpkins from the patch! They’re all different shapes and sizes!

I wandered through the rows, scoping out the right size and shape for my carving template I already saved to my desktop (I mentioned this was a favorite tradition of mine, right?). I usually pick tall pumpkins that aren’t too skinny, but definitely not wide. I find they are the easiest to carve! However, visiting the patch and seeing all the variety of pumpkins inspired me to pick some pumpkins that I won’t carve — pumpkins that I will just keep on the front porch! (I can’t wait to decorate our front steps for fall. Next week I plan to grab a couple of bales of hay, and maybe some mums, to join the pumpkins on the porch!).

Apparently you aren’t supposed to pick up pumpkins by the stem (??) so carrying them to the weighing station was a bit of a challenge. Trying not to hold the pumpkins by their stems, and trying to avoid getting dirt all over my clothes, I awkwardly shuffled over to the scale and plopped my pumpkin on the counter. The girl working the scale weighed our pumpkins to determine the total price. It worked out to be ~$6 each — for some pretty large pumpkins! I thought that was a steal, even compared to Trader Joe’s!

If you’re like me and you’ve never visited a pumpkin patch, and you have an open afternoon one weekend, I would strongly recommend going! It’s a great way to celebrate fall. Plus, it’s not apple picking, which is great fun but also popular — there can be a lot of crowds at nearby orchards. However, I would recommend doing a little research before selecting your pumpkin patch; look through gallery photos on the farm’s website or any photos on instagram who tagged the location of the farm. It will give you a better idea of what to expect and ensure you are happy with your visit!

Look at those fall colors in the background! 🙂

As we drove home, we watched the trees’ leaves alternate between lush green and shades of brown and orange. Early October in Massachusetts is still a time of transition.

For us, early autumn can be a time for settling into new routines or it can be a time of intention and purpose — of personal growth — when you feel compelled to set new goals or test your skills. But it is also a time to pause and reflect. With so much changing around us, we must remember that it takes a little time for us to transition, too. Be kind to yourselves during this season and forgive yourself if things don’t go exactly as you planned. Sometimes the best changes are the ones we never see coming.


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