Self-Care Freebie: Self-Love Notes

Download the PDF with these love notes by clicking on the button below!

This freebie includes 8 love notes from me to you! Print and cut them out, then place them around your home — maybe around your mirror or on your refrigerator. Maybe you can even hide them in your car or in your sock drawer, so you’ll stumble upon a loving reminder that you are worthy and you are loved!

I also included 4 blank sticky notes to write your own love notes to yourself. Feel free to use first person “I” and tell yourself what you need to hear right now. You might write, “I am complete just as I am” or “I believe in myself and my abilities.” These love notes you write to yourself are infinitely more important, so brew a cup of tea, snuggle up, and write a good old-fashioned love letter to YOU!

Wishing you a week full of love! xxx

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