Self-Care Freebie: Fall Journal Prompts

Download the PDF with these fall journal prompts and pages by clicking on the button below!

This freebie includes 6 journal prompts inspired by the changing seasons! These journal prompts are designed to be completed in the order they are listed, each one further deepening your understanding of what changes you might be called to in your life right now. However, you may complete them in any order or pick and choose which ones you respond to, of course! I also included two pages-worth of lined paper so you can journal right after you’re done printing.

I find that creating a sacred space prior to journaling helps me focus and dig deeper. I suggest lighting a candle or using a diffuser to create an aromatherapeutic experience. Even taking 4-5 deep breaths or meditating for two minutes can help center your mind and prepare for introspection. Find a comfortable spot in your home, close the door, and invite yourself in to this safe, sacred space where you can explore all of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Let them all down on the page and notice how much lighter you feel once you’ve let some of those emotions out to be acknowledged and examined.

Wishing you insight and inspiration this week ahead! xxx

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