About Me

Hi, I’m Emma. I created this blog to share my self-care tips and seasonal inspiration!

I find that I live my best life when I slow down, take care of myself, and look forward to celebrating the traditions that come with each changing season.

Summer Plans: July Intentions

Since February, I’ve been creating monthly spreads (you can find these on my instagram highlights if you’re interested!), which include a word, theme, and mantra as well as what I intend to do more and less of throughout the month. Usually my intentions are inspired by my reflections on the previous month — what I’ve … Continue reading Summer Plans: July Intentions

Weekend Plans: #BakeTherapy

Over our February vacation, I baked three cakes, two types of bread, and a key lime pie! I chalk it up to Matt’s and my obsession with The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, which we just recently discovered (but we’re already onto our 6th season!). Just watching the contestants whip up their sweet concoctions … Continue reading Weekend Plans: #BakeTherapy


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