Hi! I’m Emma.

I’ll be using this blog to share some of my daily life with the world! On my blog you’ll find some ways I’ve been slowing down and showing up in my life, including self-care practices, seasonal activities, and seasonal-inspired fashion & beauty!

Thanks for being here.

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Summer Plans: July Intentions

Since February, I’ve been creating monthly spreads (you can find these on my instagram highlights if you’re interested!), which include a word, theme, and mantra as well as what I intend to do more and less of throughout the month. Usually my intentions are inspired by my reflections on the previous month — what I’ve…

Self-Care Freebie: Summer Journal Prompts

Download the PDF with these summer-inspired journal prompts by clicking on the button below! This freebie includes 6 journal prompts, all inspired by sweet, sweet summertime! Summer is all about living life a little more carefree, letting go of what’s unnecessary, and creating moments of peace and joy. These journal prompts will have you reflecting…

5 Healthy Plant-Based Recipes to Try This Week!

One of my intentions for the month of March is to eat fewer processed foods in exchange more nutritious ones. I compiled 5 recipes that are tried-and-true nutritious staples. I’ve included the links to the recipes — as well as my own spins on them — below. Enjoy! 1. Seed Cycling Energy Bites For Hormone…